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About Us

Alexandre Janelidze Institute of Geology is a scientific-research structural unit of the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. It is one of the oldest scientific institutions in Georgia - founded on December 25, 1925.

The aim of the institute is to facilitate the effective management of scientific research and teaching processes in the field of geology, the introduction of international standards and the training of scientific staff. The mission of the Institute is mainly to carry out fundamental and also applied scientific-research, consulting and expert activities, to carry out applied works commissioned by the state or private sector.

The main task of the Institute of Geology is to conduct fundamental and applied research and to disseminate their results in order to study the events in the Earth's interior and on its surface. Research at the Institute is conducted in almost all areas of geological science, in 5 scientific departments. The following scientific problems are being investigateded  here: Stratigraphy of Mesozoic and Cenozoic sediments of Georgia, geological and geodynamic evolution of Georgia and adjacent regions, research of tectonic structures and the mechanism of their genesis, establishing the nature and velocity of the latest movements of the Earth's crust, studying the composition of the Earth's crust and the processes of magmatism and metamorphism in it, study of geology of mineralization, geo-ecological, geochemical and hydrochemical research of the Black Sea water area of Georgia and hydrogeological and hydrochemical studies of groundwater of Georgia, their evaluation and determination of ways of their rational use. The scientific products created as a result of research are published in the form of scientific articles, monographs, reports, maps, etc. in international and local highly-rating publications.

In the Institute a complex geological research laboratory is functioning, where the researches are carried out in modern standards. In recent years, the Institute has acquired modern models of appliances and analytical equipment.

In addition to scientific activities, the Institute carries out works of applied character. In particular: compiling digital geological maps of the territory of Georgia at different scales; compilation of specific detailed large-scale digital maps of metallic and non-metallic minerals spread on the territory of Georgia; study of young faults in the vicinity of Tbilisi in connection with seismic zoning; compilation of guidebooks and study of potential geoparks for the development of geotourism in Georgia; creation of monographic atlas of rocks and minerals of the territory of Georgia, etc.

Since 1932, the Institute has been publishing its own periodicals - Proceedings of the Alexandre Janelidze Institute of Geology, TSU. Young staff is being trained at the institute. The Institute is actively involved in international cooperation.