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A. Janelidze Institute of Geology Periodicals


Since 1932, Geological Institute started publishing its own printed product (periodicals). This was the first volume of "Moambe" of the Geological Institute of Georgia. The publication of "Moambe" continued until 1942. Then, from 1952 to 1965, "Proceedings of the Geological Institute of Georgia" was being published. This edition was published in two series: "Geological series" and "Mineralogical-Petrographic series". From 1948 to 1965, the series "Monographs" was being published, and from 1965 to the present day, as separate issues a new series of "Proceedings of the Geological Institute" and then a new series of "Proceedings of the Alexandre Janelidze Institute of Geology" are being published. In total, 16 volumes of "Moambe", 33 volumes of "Proceedings" series and 135 issues of the new series of Proceedings, including monographs, have been published. The Institute has also published "Proceedings" dedicated to important events (sessions of the International Geological Congress, anniversaries of the Institute and famous scientists-geologists, etc.). Abstracts of Republican, All-Union or International scientific forums held by the Institute, and abstracts of dissertations of the Institute's researchers were published.


Proceedings of Al. Janelidze Institute of Geology, 2010.



Proceedings of Al. Janelidze Institute of Geology, 2015.




Petrology and Isotope Geochronology of Mesozoic Intrusive Complexes of Georgia (in Russian, English summary), 2016



Pre-collision and Post-collision Geodynamic Evolution of the Tethys Ocean and its Relation with Regional Metamorphism, Hydrothermal Activity and Metallogeny Along the Eurasian Continantal Margin



Proceedings of Al. Janelidze Institute of Geology, 2020.



Geology of a the Loki Crystalline massif (Caucasus), 2019